Welcome to the 31st Millennium

Building an army is hard.

It sounds ridiculous, but that’s the truth – starting an army and getting it through to a decent size is actually pretty difficult, especially if, like me, you suffer from extreme faction ADD and want every Legion, several Militias, Custodes, Adeptus Mechanicus…  The list is going to continue to grow, and there’s no real end in sight!  This is why I’ve started this, so I can put a structure to buying models, test them out to see how they work and get some narrative going on my crappy home-made scenery!

The structure for each army’s collection is as follows;

1700 points.  This is basically Calth/Prospero and a few extra little bits.  A good starting point for most Legion forces, and when I get to Militia and Solar Auxilia, it’ll not be a huge number of models (it will, don’t kid yourselves!)

2500 points.  The full round-out.  Enough points to add in transports, extra models to units or even some…  Tanks?

3000 points.  The Lord of War!  I tend to avoid these guys, but I want some Primarchs and big bastards, dammit!  I wish there was a more logical reason why I have a Knight on my desk and Leman Russ in a Forge World shopping cart, but eh.

3500 points.  The finale.  I’m aiming for stuff that I feel the army needs as a whole, but it could just be more rounding out, depends how the army’s been doing!

I’ll be starting with Iron Warriors (disclosure – I already own around 9000 points of these guys so it’s less of a slow grow and more of making an army out of them 😛 ) and Space Wolves (disclosure – I don’t own anywhere near 9000 points of these guys, I just want Leman Russ)


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